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PACKING  New Service Launched July 2016 ...see video







Our new on-site packing

operation is fast and flexible,

handling both conventional

and organic product. 
















Jewers can bag anything ‘flowable’. This includes: 

  • Wheat

  • Barley

  • Oats

  • Peas

  • Beans

  • Linseed

  • Rice

  • Wood Pellets

Wide range of bag types and size options:

Products can be packed into a wide range of different

bag types, sizes and weights: from 5kgs to 25kgs. We

also pack in bulk bags, typically 0.5 tonne and 1 tonne,

or whatever our customers require. The service is very flexible.


Conventional or organic bagging:

We handle organic product as well as conventional crops, with thorough clean-downs between batches to avoid any contamination. Although Jewers exclusively pack agricultural product at the moment, food packing is being planned for the future.


Gentle handling:

To ensure we maintain the integrity of packed product, gentle handling processes are built into our operation, especially for pellets. Hence we have the ability to receive products in bulk bags, which then go through just one elevator and one conveyor before carefully packing and delicate robotic stacking.  


Flexible packing solutions for customers:

  • Stand-alone service, with a fast-track turnaround if needed. Our bagging capacity is over 50 tonnes per day.

  • Integrated service, with an on-site capability for product cleaning, processing, storage and transport.

  • Loading into containers, or onto pallets.

  • Dedicated and flexible customer service.



“We always try and go that extra mile for our customers. If we can possibly do it, we will do it.”  


                  Heidi Graham - General Manager

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