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There are two aspects to maximising the value of a combinable crop ...doing the right thing and then doing things right. Planning and Operations.


The added value from a small investment can be very significant.

As a result of growing customer demand for quality advice, plus the growing range of technical solutions now available, Jewers now offer a complete UK advisory service - either on the customer's site nationally, or at our Woolpit facility. 


With our specialist expertise, technical support and flexible operations, we can provide you with bespoke solutions that quickly overcome problems. wherever your location.


To explore how Jewers Consulting can benefit your business, either strategically or in response to a specific problem, please contact:



Matthew Jewers


t: 01359 240536

f: 01359 242647



Jewers Grain Ltd.

New Granaries

Elmswell Road



IP30 9RH






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